Design Classes – Last Chance!

Both of my shawl design classes are now open for enrollment. However, this will be the LAST time I offer these classes, after the end of the year they will no longer be available. Because this is the last class for each, it will work this way:

  • You will be able to join the class right away – if you are already registered on the class site, I will add you to the class(es) as soon as I’ve reviewed your order; if you are not already registered, you can do that now and I will add you to the class(es) as soon as I’ve reviewed your order.
  • All of the class files will be available immediately.
  • Class files will be available until December 31, 2013; after that I will be taking down the class site (I may leave it up a bit longer if need be).
  • Deadline to register for either class is November 30, 2013! So if you want to take both classes, you need to register for both of them now.
  • There will be a 10% discount if you register for both classes together, you must register for both at the same time to receive the discount and you must enter the coupon code in the correct place to get the discount. Coupon code is CLASS10.

Now available for enrollment, Design Your Own Shawl:
With this 5-week class you will learn the basics of designing your own lace shawl using the basic triangle shape.
Lessons will include:

  • How to layout your design using charts
  • How to modify stitch patterns to fit within your chart
  • How to choose different stitch patterns that will compliment each other.

Prerequisites required:

  • Basic knitting skills – how to cast on, knit, purl and bind off.
  • Knowledge of basic lace knitting.

Now available for enrollment, Advanced Shawl Design:
With this 6-week class you will learn how to design a shawl using advanced design skills.
Lessons will include:

  • How to design different shawl shapes including square, circular, hexagon, and Faroese.
  • How to modify different shapes.
  • How to incorporate an edging into your design.
  • How to customize stitches to create unique designs.

Prerequisites required:

  • You must have taken the Design Your Own Shawl class; or at minimum:
  • Have knowledge of how to design a basic top-down triangular shawl.
  • Have knowledge of how to write a chart using Excel or other knitting software.
  • Have knowledge of how to format a pattern to include basic instructions along with design charts.

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