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Okay, it’s a no go on the Tornado Raffle. I’ve discovered that I can’t have a raffle because I am not a non-profit organization and don’t have a gaming license. I guess I’ll have to come up with something else. Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “No Go

  1. The other option is on the honor system. Find a charity that is directly related to helping those affected by the tornado – ask people to donate and then let you know they donated. Then some how sign them up for that.

    I’m running a charitable thing for a friend right now and because I’m not a non profit organization I’ll be paying tax on it at the end of the year and fees now but I’m just considering that part of my donation to helping out.

  2. How about a Yahoo Group like you already have called Tornado Alley Shawl and charge a fee for members to join with one lucky member receiving a “prize” for joining. If you wanted to give more than one away you might say one person per week for the next XXX weeks will be the recipient of a hand made shawl for joining the group. You could offer up a scarf pattern or something of your own design like you do with the mystery shawl but charge a little more and explain that all profits would go to help the victims of the tornado.

    Sorry if it sounds crazy but when we would brainstorm at work everything was thrown on the table.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, what I’ve thought of doing is just donating a portion of the proceeds from any Anniversary Shawl purchases. Or also auctioning off the shawls on ebay.

  4. How about designing a special shawl or sock pattern to commemorate this –write a little explanatory story to go with it–and give the proceeds to your charity?

    Word of mouth is powerful…

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