Time for a Change

I decided to update my blog. I’ve had the same template since I started it, forever ago. Since Blogger updated their format I felt like I wanted to update mine, especially since I’m planning on changing my logo soon.

I’ve also been thinking about writing more about me and not just what I’m selling. So we’ll see how that goes! I don’t seem to have much time to think, let alone write anything down.

Still trying to get things caught up with my clubs, working on the Decadently Dark Sock Club May sock now. Just got all the Birthstone and Zodiac yarns ready to mail out for May, on their way to the post office in the morning. Then I’ll just have the May Jewelbox and Avalon patterns to finish, then dyeing for next month’s stuff, plus try to get patterns finished for the Spare Parts KAL and dye yarn for the Mystery Shawl #28.

You know how things tend to snowball? Well that’s what happened. It started way back in December, my husband was sick for 2 weeks so I got behind on my dyeing, which put me behind on getting patterns finished, then it was just behind, behind, behind…then other family issues, my own health issues, and the further behind I got.

So here I am, almost caught up, hoping to get a head start on this month!

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