Wild Spirit Tribe


Looking for a place online to run wild, the kind that relates to your witchy, shamanic, soulful side? Well look no further – Jess Carlson is starting an awesome community of like-minded folks who want to learn and get support around their spiritual and magical lives.

The Wild Spirit Tribe is a place to get advice, learn about different spiritual and magical subjects, and have a safe place to talk about your dreams, goals, and spiritual issues. Jess normally works one on one but felt this would be a good way to get not only her support but the support of a group, especially those who are like-minded spiritually, to help you grow. Whether or not you currently have a magical practice, the tribe is a place to learn more about different areas in the metaphysical realm.

Not only do you get the support of Jess, and the rest of the tribe, you also get access to her digital library and other special resources as well as member only group coaching calls each month. Plus it’s way affordable and there’s even a payment option!

Visit the Wild Spirit Tribe page for all the details and be sure to mention my name in the “Did someone refer you” section when you join!

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