Works in Progress

I’ve been working on this for awhile:

I’m about half way through, it will be a free pattern on the Bo Peep’s website. I’ve had to put it down a few times to work on other projects like MS4 and a pair of socks for the Iowa State Fair. Hoping to have it done soon.

This is going to be a bonus kit pattern for the Shawl Club:

Cascade Indulgence, alpaca/angora blend. It’s very nice to work with. This is the first project I have had to start over on. I don’t swatch, so when I have a pattern charted I just jump right in. So far I have had good luck with that. But I wasn’t quite happy with how this one was working up so I had to change the charts and start over. Progress pics will be up as soon as I decide if it’s looking right.

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